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Festive Fashion


The arrival of November signals a time when retailers start to ramp up their methods of marketing and promotions for the arrival of Christmas.

We all know that novelty and fun at Christmas can go a long way, especially in textiles and clothing. A guilty pleasure of fashion, Christmas prints and patterns on garments provide kitsch festive wear that puts the fun factor into that Christmas jumper, dress or t-shirt.

Why not step up the promotions in your sector of retailing by putting some festive prints or patterns into textile and garment designs and kick start your Christmas campaign?

Whatever material you want to focus on, we can produce results in various colours and styles using either digital or rotary printing methods which can be worn throughout the festive period both this year and next.

Think outside the box with various styles of pattern and print:

Polka dots

Not-so-obviously Christmassy, polka dots are cute with a child-like, festive feel. For those customers who want something different to wear on Christmas day while being fun and standing out, polka dot patterns are the perfect choice for dresses , blouses, skirts and tops, conjuring up nostalgic feelings of the femininity of the 50s and 60s.


Christmas for many of us evokes images of reindeer, penguins, polar bears and robins so why not pop some of these animals into print? Think quirky, fun designs for the contemporary print or more traditional concepts to keep to the season.


Many people opt to place a star at the top of their tree to connote the North Star that guided visitors to visit baby Jesus on the day of his birth, which is why the shape has become a common symbol of Christmas. For a more traditional print opt for stars in your design to attract festive buyers. We have a range of rotary designs to choose from.


‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Seasons greetings’, ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ – all phrases we commonly associate with the arrival of Christmas. If you want to produce a print that is garish and novelty, why not see your customers wear their greetings on their sleeve – literally? Think different fonts, colours and phrases which can all be combined to produce the ultimate festive skirts, dress, tea-towel or pillowcase.

At Magic Textiles we can help make your patterned prints a reality whether for garments, fabric, dressmaking or interior design.

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