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Thermoelectricity division was founded in 1993, which is responsible for the supply of process water, electricity, vapor and thermal conducting oil for Goldtex’s daily production, operation and environment protection related work. The division includes several departments: steam turbine, boilers, electrical engineering, engineering thermodynamics and heat transfer, chemical engineering (pollution control). The division is equipped with three 35t/h Coal-fired steam boilers, one 35t/h heat transmission oil furnace, five back pressure steam turbine generator sets, reaching yearly electricity generation of 21,000KW and average water withdrawal of 4 million cubic meter.

Goldtex is also fully equipped with tertiary treatment system that do both physical and chemical treatment, including sludge pressing and filter facility, exhaust gas treatment system is equipped with gas desulfurization facility, bag dust removal and other facilities. Exhaust gas and sewage emission are strictly monitored 24/7 online, always meeting the national emission standard.


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